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Welcome to Ansome Carriages Cornwall! We are a family run business located 1/2 a mile from the beautiful 15th century St Kew Inn. Our horses are a part of our family and live at home with us in the village of Trequite. 


We have a beautiful team of Chestnut Gelderlanders, a heavy warmblood breed of horse that was developed in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. Originally bred to be a stylish carriage horse, versatile enough to work on the farms with plenty of character and huge hearts!


Will is our Coachman. He has owned and worked with horses since he was a small boy and has trained most of our horses himself using methods of natural horsemanship. He also offers a professional breaking and/or schooling service, with many happy clients and references available. 


Our Carriages range from a beautifully intimate and classy Victoria seating two, up to our large tour wagon that carries between 8-10 people, so if there's an occasion you'd like us to consider, please contact us!    



George & Baggins

Born - 2000 & 1996

Breed - Gelderlander

Likes - Grooming & Fuss

Dislikes - Flies & Water

Known as - Georgie & Bags



Born - 2009

Breed - Gelderlander

Likes - Carrots and Cuddles

Dislikes - Mints

Known as - Cheeky Charlie



Born - 2011

Breed - Gelderlander

Likes - The Ladies!

Dislikes - The yard scraper

Known as - Flint


Wallace & Gromit

Born - 2006/2010

Breed - Gelderlander

Likes - People/food/fuss

Dislikes - Being hungry

Known as - Left & Right

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