Welcome to Ansome Carriages Cornwall! We are a family run business located 1/2 a mile from the beautiful 15th century St Kew Inn. Our horses are a part of our family and live at home with us in the village of Trequite. 


We have a beautiful team of Chestnut Gelderlanders, a heavy warmblood breed of horse that was developed in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. Originally bred to be a stylish carriage horse, versatile enough to work on the farms with plenty of character and huge hearts!


Our one and only Mare is a stunning black Shire X with impeccable manners and a heart of gold. She's a real head turner and is perfectly behaved for festivals and carnivals.


Will is our Coachman. He has owned and worked with horses since he was a small boy and has trained most of our horses himself using methods of natural horsemanship. He also offers a professional breaking and/or schooling service, with many happy clients and references available. 


Our Carriages range from a beautifully intimate and classy Victoria seating two, up to our large tour wagon that carries between 8-10 people, so if there's an occasion you'd like us to consider, please contact us!    


George & Baggins

Born - 2000 & 1996

Breed - Gelderlander

Likes - Grooming & Fuss

Dislikes - Flies & Water

Known as - Georgie & Bags


Born - 2009

Breed - Gelderlander

Likes - Carrots and Cuddles

Dislikes - Mints

Known as - Cheeky Charlie


Born - 2011

Breed - Gelderlander

Likes - The Ladies!

Dislikes - The yard scraper

Known as - Flint


Born - 2012

Breed - Shire X Welsh Cob

Likes - Anything she can eat

Dislikes - Being hungry

Known as - The Princess

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